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~Kari ~ Having facial hair for a woman can be socially embarrassing. I remember trying to hide my face with my hands and hair. I felt uncomfortable around people. I tried to shave, but my skin would break out with blemishes. I plucked, but no matter how much I plucked, I never got all the hair gone. I tried medication to help reduce the amount of hair. Three years ago, I started electrolysis with Leann. At first, I went a couple of times a week for an hour. I had so much hair. As I lay there, I would think of all the options out there that I could spend my money on, not knowing if they would work.  By the end of my appointment, my chin was clear. My skin would be red and irritated but no black whiskers were in sight. That was enough for me to continue to go. I required clipping frequently in-between appointments. After a few months, I was able to cut back on my appointments. Like anything, I wanted to see immediate results. I saw that after an appointment, I had no noticeable facial hair, which would last a couple of days! That was a huge result for me.  When I was plucking, I felt like it grew as fast as I plucked. Then my weekly appointments went to every other, and then every third week. I am currently on once a month, and I feel great. Even when my facial hair is grown and ready to be removed,  I am nowhere as self-conscious as I was prior to electrolysis. I rarely have to clip my facial hair in-between appointments anymore. It would have been great to have started treatments in my twenties when I first started to notice my facial hair. However, I am grateful for starting electrolysis when I did.


~Anonymous ~ I have been a client of Leann’s for the past several years. I am very pleased and happy with the results of my treatments. Leann is very skilled and knowledgeable regarding electrolysis treatment. She is always willing to discuss the treatment and the results with me at anytime – and always very personable and pleasant. Leann listens to my concerns and infrequent need to cancel or change appointments.  Leann is always very confidential with her clients which is very much appreciated by me and probably as well by her other clients. Leann seems to be able to “read” her clients and know exactly how to personally handle and assist each client. In other words, Leann seems to be able to adapt to each person’s personality making your visit as personable and comfortable as you want it to be. Leann is a wonderful lady, and I appreciate how comfortable she makes me physically and emotionally at each treatment. Thank you LeAnn.


~Nancy ~ From my experience on having electrolysis done is by far better than I was before. I was using a tweezers "before'' and you all know that is not permanent. The environment and atmosphere was pleasant and calming, with aromatic candles and background music. With it being done in home surroundings, it is more comfortable.  The employee is professional and the pain is minimal. At least you know the outcome will be permanent and the end of tweezing days will be over. I would recommend it to anyone who asks.


~Jody ~ Fischer Advanced Electrolysis is wonderful. LeAnn is professional & very proficient. Each treatment is a great boost for my self-esteem. I recommend her to my friends and coworkers any chance I get.


~Vickie~ Deciding to do electrolysis has been one of the most gratifying things I have ever chosen to do for myself. I used to spend endless amounts of time plucking and then still feel self-conscious and embarrassed about my facial hair. I now have a renewed self-confidence, and I am so happy with the results. LeAnn is so supportive and extremely accommodating. I would highly recommend electrolysis to anyone who is bothered by unwanted hair. You won’t be disappointed.

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